Wristlet & Bout Collection

We hand wire all our wristlets......NO glue ! Wristlets come in variety of flowers & colors. From sweetheart roses to orchids , calla lilies, just about anything can make a beautiful wristlet. Be unique........... we love being creative ... they also come in the regular elastic band, pearl bands, faux rhinestone band, (which is awesome) to color bands. Call shoppe with your special request._
Please order as early as possible. Order a week ahead of time for speciality band wristlets. If ordering during a holiday week end prices will be slightly higher.
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    Rhinestone Band Wristlet$55.00
    Roses in white, pink, yellow, red. Call shoppe to see what colors are in..
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    Wristlet Rose Set$35.00
    call shoppe for available rose colors
  • wristlet calla lily.jpg
    Wristlet Mini Calla Lily$48.00
    Mini calla lilies come in white, mauve, lavender, bronze. call shoppe to see what colors are available.
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    Wristlet & Bout Collection$45.00

     Wristlet  Collection

    Please NOTE there is a surcharge on every wristlet and bout during the holidays including Mother's Day.



    Homecoming, Prom , Sr. Ball Wristlets  custom designed just for you.             Choose your rose color &  ribbon color.  Roses come in many colors, reds,oranges,  hot pinks, lt pinks, ivory/white, yellow and bi colors.        We have  a  vast selection of ribbon colors.  Please order several  days in advance for special colors. 

    Rose Wristlets $35.  &  Free matching Bout

    NOTE:  Holiday surcharge :  Rose Wristlets additional $5. 

    Bouts  $3   surcharge.

    <<<<<<<<  >>>>>>>>

    ORCHIID Wristlets   ,  please order 1 week in advance  . & up. please call for  orchid wristlet orders



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    Custom Wristlets$0.00
    We need custom orders 1 week prior to event....
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    Lei Orchid Bombay
    single orchid lei Bombay $55. double orchid lei Bombay $65.00